Features and Benefits:

Similarily sized to the average cell phone, the VAD Mobile is the most portable Volkswagen / Audi diagnostics tool on the market today.

Whether you simply need to reset a service indicator after an oil change, or interrogate a check engine light during a road trip, this Palm and Smartphone based diagnostics tool is only a glove box away and will offer a new level of confidence in your daily driver.

Why VAD?

  • Instant Power-up and Power-down
  • PDA or Smartphone Charging OBD-II Cable
  • Dash Mountable for Safety when Road Testing
  • Portable and Easy to Store within the Vehicle
  • Very Fast Navigation via Stylus Pen or
    Touch Screen
  • Easy-to-follow Interface

Full Diagnostic Capabilities:

  • Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) and "Check Engine" lights
  • Data log in real time and freeze frame mode
  • Log multiple measuring blocks at the same time
  • Quick Scroll through only those measuring blocks being logged
  • Perform OEM level functions such as Adaptation and Readiness
  • Change Basic Settings for an ECU
  • Perform Re-Coding of an ECU
  • Initiate Auto Scan to add vehicles not included in the software vehicle list
  • Save data for future reference in Memo Pad format; easily convert to MS Excel

Vehicle Specific Diagnostics

The VAD Mobile software includes an in depth data base of VAG vehicles. This is not a compatibility list,
rather a selection of vehicles pre-scanned by VAD to reduce the communication time with each on board
ECU. Scanning a new vehicle that is not in the list? No problem! Add vehicles on the fly to keep your unit
up to date.


Measuring Blocks

The VAD Mobile software allows you to measure multiple measuring blocks at the same time so you can monitor various systems simultaneously. View data live on screen during a test drive in mathematical or graphical format, plus log data for in depth review back at the workshop. Although only one of the logged blocks can be displayed at a time, with the new quick scroll feature, VAD users can easily toggle between the measuring blocks being logged while performing the test.


View an example of a Volkswagen Measuring Block listing here.

Quick Scroll For Multi-Block Logging

VAD users can conveniently toggle between only those Measuring Blocks being logged, rather than the entire list in the connected ECU. In this instance, tapping the clear arrow next to the block number will advance to the next logged block, not the next consecutively numbered block.


OEM Functionality

The VAD Mobile software allows you to perform OEM level functions such as Adaptation, Module Re-Coding and Readiness.


Additional VAD Screen Shots

Enthusiasts who are comfortable using diagnostic scan tools with find VAD's interface familiar, intuitive, and easy to navigate through.



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