Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

QUESTION: I installed the software on more than one PDA, but the activation codes do not work on the other PDA. Why?
ANSWER: You must purchase an additional copy of VAD Mobile if you want to run it on another Palm OS device. Activation keys are only good for a single PDA.

QUESTION: I own a pre-1996 vehicle that has no OBD-II connection. Will VAD Mobile work with this vehicle?
ANSWER: Yes, but you will need a 2x2 adapter. We sell the adapters that will convert the OBD-II interface to the 2x2 interface found in pre-1996 vehicles.

QUESTION: It sure would be great if I could use VAD Mobile as an additional gauge in my car. Is there any way to mount my PDA in my car?
ANSWER: Yes. There are many PDA vehicle mounts available on the market today. VAD offers a PDA vehicle window/dash mount combination. This product is offered both in our bundled kits, with the VAD software and a device, and as an accessory.


QUESTION: How do I check my VAD Mobile software version number?
ANSWER: To check the version number of VAD Mobile, or the Palm OS version number of your PDA, first start the VAD Mobile application. Access the drop down menu on the top right corner of the first screen and select "About VAD Mobile". Both the VAD Mobile version number and the Palm OS version number will be displayed.

QUESTION: Where can I find updates for the software?
ANSWER: New versions of the software and vehicle database can be found in the downloads section. These files should be saved to your Palm Desktop, then Hot Synced to your PDA from your PC or Mac.

Procedure for updating software on your PDA
  • Save the current software files (located on the downloads page) to your “My Documents” folder
  • Open the “Palm Desktop” program on your computer
  • Click on the “Quick Install” button in the left hand column which will open a new dialog box
  • In the top right corner under “User” select your Palm device
  • Click the “Add” button in the bottom left corner
  • Select the three files called VAD Mobile.prc, ECU Data.pdb and Vehicle Data.pdb then click “Open”.
    This will add the two files to the list of items to be installed on your Palm during the next Hot Sync.
  • Close the Quick Install dialog box by clicking on the X in the top right corner.
  • Connect your Palm to your Desktop computer with the Hot Sync Cable.
  • Turn on your Palm, and Tap the "Home" button
  • Tap the "HotSync" button on your Palm to initiate the synchronization process. This will upload the
    files to your PDA
*If you are running either the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system on your PC, the Hot Sync operation may not work properly. There is a specific Palm Desktop software available at the Palmone website for 32-bit versions of these systems, that can be downloaded for free directly off the website. Simply use the search function to find Palm Desktop version 6.2. If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows on your PC, contact VAD for hot sync assistance.


QUESTION: Do you have any advice on storing VAD Mobile?
ANSWER: Yes. If you plan on keeping your VAD Mobile stored away for occasional use, be sure to keep you PDA battery fresh or the built-in battery charged. If the PDA loses all power for long enough periods, you will have to re-install VAD Mobile and re-activate it. We recommend saving your activation keys in a convenient location in case you need to reload VAD Mobile. We also recommend performing a full system back-up after you have installed VAD Mobile and periodically thereafter.

QUESTION: When I tap Save on the DTC screen, it goes away? Where does the information go?
ANSWER: The Save button disappears to let you know the DTC codes have been saved. The codes are saved as a Memo Pad entry. To view your saved trouble codes, leave the VAD Mobile application and start the Memo Pad application. The trouble codes will found there, in the order in which they were saved.

QUESTION: I want to log measuring block value data so I can study it later or graph it. How do I do this?
ANSWER: While viewing measuring blocks, tap on the Log button. The data you view will be recorded as one or more Memo Pad entries. Data will continue to be logged until you tap on the Log button again. Memo Pad memos have a maximum size of 4kb, so additional entries will be created automatically if you log more than 4kb worth of data. To view the logged data, exit VAD Mobile and start the Memo Pad application. The logged data will be available as one or more memo entries.

QUESTION: How can I graph data?
ANSWER: VAD Mobile supports real time graphing. While viewing Measuring Value Blocks (function 08 on the ECU connection screen), tap on the Graph button, then select the data types you want to view. You can select up to four data types to graph simultaneously. Be sure to adjust the data type range through the Graph->Range pull-down menu item to set the maximum and minimum values that you are interested in viewing.

QUESTION: Why don’t you use commas to separate fields in the data logs?
ANSWER: VAD Mobile is designed for international use. Some parts of the world use a comma instead of a period as a decimal point. The decimal points in data values would then look like field separators corrupting the data. Semi-colons are safer because no region uses them as decimal points.

Instructions for converting memo pad log files to MS Excel on a PC

  • Log data from a selected measuring block. As the data is being logged, it automatically saved to the
    Memo Pad on the PDA
  • Perform a Hot Sync from the PDA to your PC. All contents of the memo Pad will be transferred. Individual logs will show as line listings on the Palm Desktop
  • Click on the individual logs to view them
  • Copy the existing information into notepad, and save as a text (.txt) file
  • Open MS Excel, and then open the text file
  • When asked what the type of data is, choose "delimited". Then click Next
  • Under the "delimiters" heading, select "Semi-Colon" and deselect "Tab". Then click Next, then Finish to complete the process
  • Adjust the width of the columns to fit the contents, then save as an excel file
    QUESTION: How accurately does VAD Mobile replicate the behavior of the Factory Siemens VAS tools?
    ANSWER: It replicates very accurately. Other third party VW/Audi diagnostic tools often round numbers differently than the VAS 5051/2, or do not display the same number of significant digits. VAD Mobile rounds values the same way and displays the same number of significant digits as does the VAS tools. Because of this, we believe VAD Mobile is the most accurate third party diagnostic tool for the VW Group cars.


    Troubleshooting a faulty connection between the PDA and the vehicle:
      Exit the VAG application

    • instead of tapping connect over and over again; try exiting the application completely, either through the top right drop down menu (where it says “utilities”) or by tapping the “house” icon
    • this will erase the program temporary memory and should allow you to reconnect; your vehicle should still remain selected in the connect screen

      If step 1 does not work,

      Exit the VAG application and disconnect/reconnect the Palm connector

    • try exiting the application completely, either through the top right drop down menu (where it says “utilities”) or by tapping the “house” icon
    • disconnect the Palm connector (without disconnecting the OBD-II port) and reconnect the cable. Once re-connected, try and initiate the VAG application again

      If step 2 does not work,

      Exit the VAG application, disconnect/reconnect the Palm connector, and cycle the ignition on and off

    • try exiting the application completely, either through the top right drop down menu (where it says “utilities”) or by tapping the “house” icon
    • disconnect the Palm connector (without disconnecting the OBD-II port)
    • cycle the ignition off, count to 10, then return the ignition to either the ON or RUN position
    • reconnect the Palm connector (you should hear a beeping sound)
    • Once re-connected, try and initiate the VAG application again

    QUESTION: The cable that connects my PDA to the vehicle has an LED. What do the colors indicate?
    ANSWER: Each cable comes with an indicator light that shows communication between the PDA and the vehicle. A solid red light indicates no communication or poor connection. A solid green light indicates proper connection and communication between the PDA and the vehicle. A flashing light indicates data transfer between the PDA and the vehicle.

    QUESTION: My Palm battery has died. When I recharged the Palm, the software asked to be re-activated. What do I do?
    ANSWER: Please contact VAD. We will confirm your contact information and registration code, then re-activate you license by issuing you new key codes for your software. The whole process only takes a few minutes. You will be up and running in no time!