VAD Mobile Wireless Version 4.00.12

VAD Mobile Wireless updates can only be obtained by contacting VAD directly.Both software and firmware updates can be
e-mailed directly upon request.

VAD Mobile Version 1.13.03

VAD Mobile is made up of THREE files. Please download and install the program file and BOTH database files to take advantage of these latest updates.

1. VAD Mobile Version 1.13.03

2. ECU Data Base (04/28/2010)

    In these versions:
  • New ECU ID information.
  • New Output test information for ECU 55 Headlamp Aiming.
  • Numerous additions to the vehicle list, including many Bentley, Seat, and Škoda vehicles.
  • ECU data updates for VW/Audi CAN-Bus TDI engines

3. Vehicle Data Base (11/22/2010)

    In these versions:
  • compilation of the latest models
    pre-added by VAD
  • remember: this will override your existing
    vehicle list, including any new vehicles
    you may have added yourself


Do not sync these files to your PDA. They are PDF files that can be viewed or saved to your computer.

VAD Mobile/VAD Mobile Wireless User Manual

VAD Mobile Wireless Quick Reference Guide

VAD Mobile Wireless OBD-II Manual